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Tapering. Prepare to race

When you get close to raceday, it is time to prep your body. Especially for the longer distances tapering (fuelling your body) can be useful. It ensures you have stored as much fuel as possible, so you can perform to the max!


Three to Four Days Before the Race

  • Emphasize carbs for energy.Your diet should consist of about 70 percent carbohydrates, 20 percent fats, and 10 percent protein.
  • Increase consumption of complex carbohydrates.Carbs will give your muscles and brain the fuel they need to get through the race. For example, rice, Couscous, tabouleh, oatmeal, and other whole grains.

The Night Before

  • Don’t experiment. it’s best to eat foods you are familiar with.
  • Eat a nutritious mealcomposed with 70% carbs and lower the intake of fibres, protein and fats
  • Continue drinking water.

 Morning of Race

  • Eat a healthy breakfast of 400-600 calories.
  • Drink waterto stay hydrated until 90 minutes before the race. You don’t want to have to look for a toilet when you are about to start your race!.
  • Avoid fatty foods.
  • If you’re a regular coffee drinker, have a cup of coffee, but beware: it can also stimulate your digestive system.

During the Race

  • Keep hydrated.It’s a good idea to take a drink at every drink station, even if you don’t feel thirsty
  • Maintain your blood-sugar levels.If you’re running a long race (a half-marathon or longer). Use energy gels (if you tried them before. They could upset your stomach) and drink electrolyte energydrinks.

After the Race

  • Drink electrolyte sportsdrinks to replace electrolytes, the sodium, and the potassium that you burned during the race. And try to eat a high carb & protein snack within 20 minutes after the race.

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