When to eat what?

When you are training, your specific nutritional needs vary.  Especially when you follow a training program you  need to make sure you get the right food at the tight time.

1. Rest days & easy training (under 60 mins at low-intensity): No need for a lot of carbs today. Focus on protein with breakfast as it will prevent you from getting hungry again quickly. And hav a carb based lunch, moderate on fat and don’t forget your veggies!!

2. Normal training days (1 training session over 60 min or containing high-intensity training: Go easy on the carbs on normal training days. Preferably have your carbs with breakfast and lunch and go easy the carbs with dinner. Make sure you have proteins each meal for musle growth and repair.

3. Heavy training days (two or more training sessions or a long run): Carb intake is key these days. Include carbs in every meal. When you increase carbs go easy on the fats and a moderate amount of proteine. Those are vital to recovery and muscle building.

4. ready to race… (24 hours to go): The day before a big race it is time is the time to hydrate your body. Drink small amounts at a time, your body needs some time to store the water properly. And optimize your body’s glycogen supply, by increasing on the carbs. Lower your fat, fibre and protein intake and focus on carbs.  And stick to familiar food. Avoid spices, fatty or very high fibre food.

5. Directly After the race: Make sure you have isotonic sportsdrink after your race and look for a hi GI carb and protein snack for recovery within 20 minutes after your race.

6. Recovery after race: for full recovery after a race or intense training you need carbs to restore the glycogen, protein to optimize the recovery process and essential fat for energy store and growth development.

7. Dietary needs for low intensity programs: If you go for the Biterunner beginner training programs the first weeks there is limited necessity for a high carb diet, it will only make you gain weight. But as the program intensifies looking after your intake will increase your need for a balanced diet. This is of course built into the Biterunner app.

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