The right food at the right time

Food & Nutrition

Biterunner is all about convenience. That is why we selected the right food ar the right time for you. But If you want to know more about nutrition principles & food you can read more here.


Eating guidelines

Runners need to have a healthy and balanced diet to prepare for their workouts. Here some some eating guidelines to get the most out of your food and your training.


Our body is the most advanced, efficient and best constructed machine on earth. The fuel system is as complex as elegant and luckily for us it is packed in food! Here you will find some basics about nutrients like Protein, carbs, fats, minerals and vitamins.

When to eat what?

When you are training, your specific nutritional needs vary. Especially when you follow a training program you need to make sure you get the right food at the tight time.

Tapering. Prepare to race

When you get close to raceday, it is time to prep your body. Especially for the longer distances tapering (fuelling your body) can be useful. It ensures you have stored as much fuel as possible, so you can perform to the max!