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General Questions

1I want to print my schedule and recipes.
For now, we focus on running. But if you are a cyclist, skater, or swimmer, for example, the basics are the same. Need a recipe for dinner after a heavy workout? You will find it in Biterunner.
2I want to print my schedule and recipes.
No problem. You can print your schedule directly from Biterunner.
3I have an idea that makes Biterunner even better.
We are always open for suggestions and want to make Biterunner better. Let us know your suggestions!
4Who is Biterunner ?
About us Marco and Jan-Maarten are foodies and runners. With a background in hospitality, former restaurant owner Jan-Maarten has always been interested in delicious food (not necessarily always good food.) About 2 years ago, he was overweight and suffering from a serious skin disease and medicines did not help. He started running, became food conscious, lost 30k, finished the half marathon just over 2 hours, and finally overcame the skin problems and feels so much better! Marco is a runner, fencer, and boxer and has been an advocate for a healthy and active lifestyle for quite some time. He discovered a vegan lifestyle when he moved to London with his family. Initially, he became vegan as a response to the way that animals are treated, but he quickly began to realize the enormous health benefits that a plant-based lifestyle brings. Marco is also the developer behind the app, The Wonder Weeks, which is another tool that provides you with the right information at the right time.
5What are the terms & conditions of the BiteRunner Facebook promotions?
You will find the terms & conditions at our Facebook page:

Running Questions

1I have no running experience, but I really want to aim at the half marathon.
Respect! We were there once. Be smart and start slowly. Begin with the walk to run or the beginner 5k schedule. When you mastered this do the 10k program and after that, start with the beginner half marathon schedule. If you start with a schedule that asks too much of your body and mind, injuries will follow, guaranteed.
2I skipped a run. Should I schedule in an extra run?
You could but don’t overdo it. Your body needs the rest as much as the training.
3I don’t feel like running today.
Do you feel good? Do you have the flu or injuries? If not, just go. Once you’re out of the door, you will be pleased with yourself. One hour of activity will make you feel good about yourself all day. If this happens more often, try to get a running mate
4Do I always push myself as much as possible?
No! First of all, always listen to your body. Do you feel a muscle pain while running? Take a step back! If you push yourself too much and get hurt, you will be out of the game much longer. Second, don’t push yourself until you can’t no longer. Then, you have gone too far. Try to end the workout feeling you could do 1 more k or interval at the same pace.
5Why do I need to do all those different workouts?
To get the best results, you must train tempo, endurance, and strength, and you need to get used to running your distance. The different workout types in each schedule make sure you pay attention to each goal. When you train 3 to 5 times per week, some variety is welcomed, too!
6What is the difference between fartlek and interval?
Interval is structured and has set times or distances. Fartlek means “speed play” in Swedish, and they are fun to run. Fartlek is unstructured and combines moderate to hard running with easy running in between. You play with speed by running at a faster pace for short periods of time, and you choose objects you find in your surroundings as goals. For example, the goal could be that bin or tree you see ahead of you. The goal of fartleks is to keep the exercise free flowing. I personally love that I am using the surroundings I run in as a goal.
7Why should I do strength workouts?
It really helps if you strength train because it reduces the chances for injuries. Also, strength training your legs helps you run faster for longer.
8I want to swap workouts in my schedule or change the day
e careful you don’t ask too much of yourself. If you feel you need an extra day of recovery or you simply don’t have the time adjust the starting date 1 day.

Food Questions

1I have a great recipe I would like to share.
Great! Post your recipe Each month, we will select the best recipes and add them to the Biterunner recipe suggestions, and give you all the credit, of course!
2I made one of your recipes but adjusted it slightly, and it was delicious. I would like to share my delicious version.
We love creativity. Go to our Facebook community, and post what you did with the recipe! We’ll try it, and if it makes the recipe better, we will add it to Biterunner!
3I have really sore muscles after a run. What should I do?
Eat food high in carbohydrates and proteins within 15 to 30 minutes after a run. The Biterunner recipe suggestions will have all the elements required to reduce muscle pain.
4Do I need to take water or energy drinks for every run?
If you run less than 1 hour, the risk of dehydration is low. Just make sure you had enough water before you go (250-500ml). If you train longer, we advise that you drink water or a sports drink every 15 minutes (125ml). If you run longer then 90 minutes, drink a sports drink.
5Which sports drink is best for me?
Basically, there are three kinds of sports drinks: hypotonic, isotonic, and hypertonic. You want the isotonic drinks because they offer the best combination of hydration and energy. An isotonic drink is taken up by the body about as quickly as water. They are intended to quench thirst and provide energy to the body. After a long run, the sports drink will replenish your body with the right carbs.