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The BiteRunner app will drastically maximize
your exercise performance.

BiteRunner combines effective training schedules with nutrition advice that’s packed in easy and delicious recipes that support you to get the most out of your efforts. with Biterunner you will take a bite out of your time.

You decided to take it to the next level. You are taking up a training schedule to reach your goal. Congratulations! That deserves respect. It requires commitment and perseverance. So you could use all the support available. Why not make it even more effective but keep it simple at the same time? The right nutrition at the right time will make a big impact .

Do you have enough energy for your workout or race? Do you get everything you need for a fast recovery, less muscle aches, and building muscle tissue and strong bones? We combine effective training schedules with nutrition advice that’s packed in easy and delicious recipes that support you to get the most out of your efforts.

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How does BiteRunner work?.

1. Set your goal.
2. Pick a training schedule that fits you best.
3. Select your training day & Learn about the set of today.
4. Check the right recipes Biterunner selected for you.
5. Add the ones you like to your shopping list.
6. Prepare and enjoy your meal & your run.
7. And take a bite out of your time!

No registration required & new recipes every month.

BiteRunner food.

BiteRunner recipes.

We love great food. The BiteRunner app offers great and delicious recipes for every time of the day, before or after your training. As foodies & runners we developed and collected and foremost tried many great recipes over the years. We selected the ones that will fuel you up properly before or after your race. You will find vegetarian & vegan as well as meat & fish dishes, liquids and snacks. .

At you will find a sample of our recipe collection and we invite you to share your recipes with us at so we can all enjoy them. The best recipes we will add to the collection in the BiteRunner app!.

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BiteRunner is all about convenience. We selected the right food at the right time for you. We selected recipes based on taste and the right nutritional elements. So you don’t have to look into that. We did that for you. But if you are interested, the BiteRunner recipes all have an overview with nutritional facts. If you do want to know more about nutrition click on the button below.

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The BiteRunner community.

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Join the BiteRunner community! This is a place to share your recipes and your results:

• Does everybody at home get tired of all your running talk? You will find a listening ear at BiteRunner. We are the ones that take it to the next level. We have a mutual goal.

• If you completed your schedule and reached your goal, let us know. We will cheer with you!

• Show us the pics of your BiteRunner dish (while you take a bite out of it).

• Made a dish even better? Share it.

• Share your own recipe and have it published in BiteRunner!

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